We can arrange multi-trip group bookings, aggregate passengers where possible, organise buses if necessary and ensure all participants arrive on time.

“ I have been using the services of Encore Limo Service now for approximately three years. I have found their service, incredibly reliable, very professional, friendly, comfortable and safe. The ease at which I am able to arrange travel around Melbourne and the manner in which that service is arranged just takes the worry out of travel in a big city. I work for a national association of professional workers (the Australian Association of Social Workers). My time and energy is valuable and I just do not need the added concern over travel around a big city, mainly to and from the airport, but also to meetings and appointments. Encore Limo Service takes the worry out of how to get there; how to get there on time; and how to get there in a comfortable, clean and safe manner. All drivers have a level of respect and understanding that is terrific.”

Stephen Brand, Canberra